"The Manifest Method is AMAZING, really. I actually shed a few tears because I feel like I met a soul sister. This is going to be a smashing success and I know so many people who will benefit. For so long, I had been trying to zero in on WHY I do what I do and what the PURPOSE of growth is for me and what need that will serve in my life. This is the answer... thank you!" - Traci Bild, Get Your Girl Back 

 "I've experienced a total transformation... a quantum leap! The method and support has helped me to create and re-launch a branding agency this year that allowed me to skyrocket growth in my genius zone: paid speaking gigs, workshops and virtual trainings. The business is booming and I'm beaming. Most importantly, I've hit on my happiness button." - Michelle Ghilotti, Michelle Ghilotti, Int'l

"I've decided to turn my Tuesday Managers Meetings into streamlined business meetings using the Manifest Method. It is not just an organizational system, it contains strategies that create energy and momentum in your business on a Monthly, Weekly and Daily basis. The change in my own work habits and ability to drive toward results were forever changed when I learned the Manifest Method. They are lifelong tools I will be able to call upon in this business or any other endeavor I undertake going forward. And now I get to pass them along to my Management Team! - Rosemary Camposano, HALO Blow Dry Bars 


"The Manifest Method works so well it's almost freaky! Literally, everything I've drawn in my vision book and applied all of the Manifest Method steps to has come true including selling a certain number of my books and also manifesting the perfect manager for my business. I have manifested a beautiful new business to add to my entrepreneurial portfolio.... it's truly the business of my dreams. The whole Manifest Method seriously helps me keep focused on the positive, the vision, and to let go of the fear and doubt. I have also taught my staff several of the techniques and its helping THEM achieve their goals at work. Thank you so much Angela!" - Melody Stevens, founder of Mozarts & Einsteins Preschool in Brooklyn, NY

 "This has created a magnetic force around me. As a result, I am being invited to paid speaking gigs, a multi-billion dollar company contacted me to speak at a series of events for mom entrepreneurs, and I have JV partners lining up to sell my crowdfunding product for me. It is the gravitational pull that has been the biggest surprise result!" - Patty Lennon, Mom Gets a Life

"I use the Manifest Method for personal goals as well as business goals. As a result, I'm striving for what counts: more satisfaction, more enjoyment, more love, more nurturing, more time. These are areas where I am leaving some "savoring" on the table, so I use the method to keep me focused on what matters in my family, my health, my social life, etc. It has been a godsend. Before, I was scattered, often wasting time on busywork that did nothing to move me forward. It has helped me to focus on those crucial areas where I can make more money, raise the visibility of my brand and acquire more and better clients." - Omi Diaz-Cooper, Diaz Cooper  

"The Lightning Rods in the Manifest Method changed everything for our business. We focused on our mission - Spread Happiness - and decided to hone in on our Direct Sales reps. In four months, we went from 21 to 92 consultants and had a 600% increase in that division of our company. This was the best investment I have made in my business!" - Emily Holdridge, Everything Happy 


"With the Manifest Method, I was able to take a small part of one business, and grow it into a thriving multi-6-figure business of its own - in less than a year. Your inspirational, simple steps are clear and easy to implement on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis - which I continue to use every day.  Each small step moves me further up the ladder of success, and I am enjoying every minute of it!"- Nika Stewart,



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