SAVOR LIFE MAGAZINE: Volume 2-- Passion

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"If Fast Company + Oprah Magazine had a baby, it would be Savor Life Magazine."  

Our NEW annual volume featuring the "BUY FROM WOMEN" directory has arrived!

Finally, a magazine that is designed for the woman entrepreneur's lifestyle. Part coffee-table book, part magazine, part workbook, SAVOR LIFE is a stunning publication that addresses all aspects of a busy woman's life. 

The first of its kind, SAVOR LIFE offers business education, inspiration, and wellness content. Our guided worksheets create an interactive experience for the reader through thought-starter exercises. 

DREAM: An idea, a spark, a vision--the biggest visionaries defy "business as usual." Carving out time to think without the white noise is essential to staying on top of the game. Get inspired to go on creativity vacations, breakthrough limiting beliefs, and dream backwards. 

DO: By taking inspired action and collaborating through win/win partnerships, accomplishing dreams becomes a whole lot more fun. Be challenged to focus on what's important with the right mindset so that you can bring your visions to life... easier and faster. 

SAVOR: What's the point of working hard if you are not savoring life? Enjoy the successes you've created, eat well, look great, feel good, carve out time for supreme self care. This is non-negotiable "Me Time" so you can give to your family, business, friends and team from a cup of abundance. 

Volume 2 features include: 

  • Fresh20 founder, Melissa Lanz, shares how to build a loyal email list
  • Savor Beauty Maker Angela Jia Kim and a Vogue Art Director share their secrets for reinventing the Savor brand together
  • Traci Bild gives a roadmap for Sales Secrets
  • Author Tara Mohr provides the toolbox to be courageous to go for your audacious goals

"SAVOR LIFE has blown my mind away. I love how luxurious it feels; the content and photography are superb. It feels more like a coffee table book. This is so much more than a magazine!" - Annie Toan, Arcana Restaurant (Boulder, CO) 

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