The "My Next 90 Days" Daily Action Planner is a success system that organizes projects in 90-day increments. It's perfect for busy entrepreneurs, on-the-go moms, managers, and professionals who need a system to "remember it all" for prioritizing the day.

daily action planner  daily action planner

Our mission is to help give you a tool to see the beauty in all things, create daily rituals, and organize your days, so you can make time to savor the sweet parts of life. 

Join our movement, organize your gorgeous chaos, and discover the time you thought you didn’t have.


2007: Former concert pianist and creator Angela Jia Kim began creating lotions in her kitchen and launched a small business (now known as Savor Beauty.) She used the same system she had used as a concert pianist for time and creativity management to manifest tangible results. 

2011: Angela engaged Sara Blette, founder of Make My Notebook, to help design the first version of the "The Daily Action Planner". 

2015: Angela and Sara formed a collaboration: Sara manufactured the notebooks and Angela continued to create content. 

2017: Sara sold her company, Make My Notebook. With the manufacturing arm no longer in the picture, the two decided with Sara's blessing that Angela would continue the Daily Action Planner mission. 

2018: Angela turned to her longtime collaborator, a Vogue Art Designer, to create the NEW "My Next 90 Days" Daily Action Planner. 

NEW Daily Action Planner

Together, they explored bringing Angela's Savor Beauty and Daily Action Planner brands together. Inspired by Savor Beauty packaging, the new chic and sophisticated Daily Action Planner came to life in May 2018.